Paradise Kids

Our Story

Paradise Kids® is all about creating a Paradise for kids.

-Our goal is to provide a fun and engaging
experience for children through our toys.

We are committed to inspiring learning in children by creating wholesome toys and a play experience that celebrates friendship, fun and the joy of growing up.

Paradise Kids® product line offers a complete line of Be My Girl™ 18-inch dolls, clothing and accessories. Our dolls are naturally likeable while providing inspirational messages to girls about being happy, confident and valuing friendship.  The original Paradise Horses® line of poseable horses, collectables, barns, riders, accessories and interactive website encourages serious horseplay.  Our web site is fun and educational–teaching about responsibility, team work, horse care and general horse facts.

Paradise Kids® products are made for kids with love.  Through our beautifully crafted toys, we seek to provide children with a play experience that fosters imagination, encourages wholesome play and enriches lives.  Each of our products is crafted to the highest standards using the finest materials. We invite you to discover our complete product line.

Paradise Horses™ makes every child’s dream of owning a horse come true
– fostering a passion that will last a lifetime.

Our beautifully crafted model toy horses and accessories encourage serious horseplay – providing children with an experience that spurs imagination, breeds passion and grows with them to adulthood.

The complete line of posable horses and model toy ponies includes all the accessories your young equestrian needs to feel like they’re at the stables and galloping through the fields. From feed sets to grooming accessories, and bars to tack trunk, children can dress their horse, brush its mane, put a rider in the saddle and trot away.

Hand painted with love, each horse is one-of-a-kind. Learn their stories and raise them as your own.