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Hello. My name is Cinnamon and I’m a chestnut pony. I am very sensitive and caring, and love to teach children how to ride. I am what some call a “school master,” which means that I am easy to ride and I can take a joke. For example, I don’t get mad if a beginner kicks me too hard or jerks me in the mouth. I have patience.

I am very charming and try to solicit treats from anyone who comes my way. I love to meander on the trails and eat the leaves from the trees. If you’re not holding my reins tightly I will dive for the nearest patch of grass. Mostly, I have a big heart and a sensible head. You never have to worry because I’ll always take care of you.

I love to eat. When I’m hungry I whinny and nicker. I love treats, especially cinnamon graham crackers – so now you see how I got my name!

Thanks for giving me a loving new home and taking such good care of me.

Quick Tips

  • Feed Every morning and evening I get a ½ bucket of Paradise Performance PelletsTM and a ½ bucket of Paradise Organic OatsTM with a flake from my hay bale.
  • Farrier I have hardy hooves and I only need new shoes every other month
  • Vet An annual check up is all I need
  • Clothes In cold weather, I grow a thick coat, but I still need to wear my stable blanket in my stall and my turnout blanket when I am outside. In warmer weather, I wear my stable sheet in my stall and enjoy the sunshine on my coat.