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Hello.  My name is Coriander and I’m a fleabitten gray horse.  As my name suggests, I am a little spicy.  I love adventure and am full of life.  I’m an eventer with tremendous stamina and have mastered the three disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross country.  There is no jump too high and I don’t spook easily.  I look forward to racing through the woods and the challenge of unforeseen obstacles.  However, I am just as confident in the dressage arena – channeling my energy into beautiful movements.

At the farm, I like to relax in my stall or the paddock.  I’m very alert and a bit of a busy body.  I am always listening to what is going on around me and try to hang with the crowd.  I love people and my horse companions.  If no one notices me, I will squeal to get their attention.  I have even jumped out of the paddock to be closer to my other horse buddies.

I eat several times a day so that I can maintain my weight.  I also like for my haynet to be full at all times.  I love molasses cookies!

Thanks for giving me a loving new home and taking such good care of me.

Quick Tips

  • Feed: Three times a day I get one bucket of Paradise Performance PelletsTM with a flake of hay from my hay bale.
  • Farrier: I need to have my feet trimmed every four weeks.
  • Vet: I see the vet frequently since we are evaluated before each competition.
  • Clothes: I always get a bath after I show and dry off while wearing my anti-sweat sheet. In warm weather, I wear a stable sheet in my stall. In colder weather, I wear a stable blanket in my stall and a turnout blanket outside. I love to wear my cooler to the ring.