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Hello.  My name is Merlin and I’m a jet black horse.  I was the 2008 Triple Crown winner and am in the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame.  Being a Triple Crown winner means that I won three prestigious races for three year olds: 1) The Kentucky Derby, 2) The Preakness Stakes, and 3) The Belmont Stakes.

I run extraordinarily fast and am known as a come-from-behind horse, which is how I got my nickname, “Magic”.  I would always magically appear from the back of the pack, to be the first to cross the finish line.

After my wins, I come back to my home at the Paradise Horse ClubTM.  Here I love to hit the trails, mainly because they are a big salad bar, where I can snack and play.  I also love riding in the countryside across large open fields, down woodsy trails or up mountain paths.  This is great exercise for me and provides a welcome break while continuing to build my muscles and stamina.

Thanks for giving me a loving new home and taking such good care of me.

Quick Tips

  • Feed: Three times a day I get one bucket of Paradise Organic OatsTM with a flake of Alfalfa hay. The alfalfa keeps my energy up.
  • Farrier: I need to have my feet trimmed every four weeks.
  • Vet: I see the vet frequently during training and before races.
  • Clothes: After races I wear my anti-sweat sheet to cool down. In warm weather, I wear a stable sheet in my stall. In colder weather, I wear a stable blanket in my stall and a turnout blanket outside.