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Hello.  My name is Periwinkle and I’m a bay horse.  I love the ocean and running up and down the beach.  I was named after Periwinkle Farm, which is near the ocean.  To stay fit, I enjoy sports and am a team player.  Polo is my game – I am quick, can stop on a dime and love to chase the other horses.  I always keep my eye on the ball.

At the farm, I like to play practical jokes on the other horses.  I’m also a little bit of a magician.  I can open my stall with my mouth and let myself out.  I can also slip out of my halter, undo my blankets and help myself to the feed room.  You should really keep a watch out for me!

I love to graze outside and eat the sweet clover.  My favorite treats are polo cookies and apples.

Thanks for giving me a loving new home and taking such good care of me.


Quick Tips

  • Feed: Three times a day I get one bucket of Paradise Organic OatsTM with a flake of hay from my hay bale.
  • Farrier: I need to have my feet trimmed every five weeks.
  • Vet: I see the vet frequently since I play hard.
  • Clothes: After a hard match, I like to cool off in my anti-sweat sheet. In warm weather, I wear a stable sheet in my stall. In colder weather, I wear a stable blanket in my stall and a turnout blanket outside.