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Hello.  My name is Rhythmical and I’m a bay horse.  Despite my size, I am light on my feet and have great extension in my gaits.  I was given the name Rhythmical because of my natural athletic ability and the precision of my movements.

Even though grace comes naturally to me, I’m still a bit of a workaholic.  I train all the time to perfect my dressage movements.  As a result of all my training, I am very strong and focused.  I know how to command a presence in the ring – I even love to “dance” to music.  When I’m not training, I like to goof off in the paddock with my friends.  I race around the meadow and kick up my heels.

I’m on a strict feed schedule.  I eat four small meals a day to keep my energy level up.  I always look forward to my treats after a hard workout.  My favorites are carrots and applesauce mixed in with my feed.

Thanks for giving me a loving new home and taking such good care of me.


Quick Tips

  • Feed: Four times a day I get a ¼ bucket of Paradise Organic OatsTM with a flake from my hay bale.
  • Farrier: I must get shod every three weeks.
  • Vet: I see the vet on a regular basis.
  • Clothes: My coat is kept short year round so in cold weather, I need to wear my stable blanket in my stall and my turnout blanket when I am outside. In warmer weather, I wear my stable sheet in my stall. Since I'm an athlete, it is important that I am always kept warm so that my muscles stay relaxed. I wear front and hind boots all the time to protect my legs.