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Fully posable horse that is jointed to simulate real movement. Highly detailed and life-like features, such as expressive and bright eyes, brushable manes and tails, resilient bodies and mouths that open to accept a bit or carrot. Chestnut body color with honey colored mane and tail. Comes with a halter, comb and carrot. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

Hello. My name is Corduroy and I'm a chestnut horse. My muzzle is so soft it feels like Corduroy - and that's how I got my name! I love to nuzzle with my horse buddies and human friends. I am very affectionate, and enjoy being groomed and pet.


  • Body: Chestnut
  • Mane/Tail Color: Honey
  • Dimensions: H: 10" L: 10" D: 3"
  • Scale: 1:9
  • Age Recommendation: 5+